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Food Forest Walk

Learn what happens to the land when you “do nothing”. 6 acres of food forest attempting to unravel what Masanobu Fukuoka really implied.

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Learn Foraging

Get acquainted with what grows around in Solitude farm. Learn how to identify edible plants and weeds.

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Dine In

Eating delicious food is a divine experience in itself. More when you know its directly from the mother nature. Grown and nurtured by the nature itself.

Real Farm to Plate Experience

Solitude Farm Cafe, Founded 26 years ago in the international township of Auroville. Solitude is dedicated to natural farming, permaculture and demonstrating the value of local food and the bounty of mother nature.


The crisis that we face in the world today is a result of the vast industralisation on our planet. We have lost our relationship with Mother nature, a symptom of which is that we no longer know where our food comes from.


Learning Permaculture, natural farming and exploring local foods is the simplest solution we have to save our planet.

Participate in Foraging Edible Plants.

Learn more than 20 edible weeds that grow on their own. Discover how to utilize every inch of land for growing food. Food forest is a reality. Better when grown like wild. No Tilling, Fertilizers or deadly Chemicals.

Foraging - Solitude Farm

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