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Benefits of Urban Farming

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Benefits of Urban Farming

“If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.” – Errick McAdams

Everybody wants to consume healthy and clean food which is free from toxics and in order to make that possible, local grocery shopping has taken a huge rise resulting in more people to opt for urban farming and practice farming and agriculture while staying in the city. Urban farming has a bunch of benefits over conventional farming. Here are 5 benefits of urban farming:

  1. Food security – Urban farming can be sold to farmers and local grocery stores which people are more interested to buy these days. Instead of buying groceries from a supermarket or ordering online, customers can buy fresh food at a low and affordable cost. The vegetables are not shipped over from place for days and are completely fresh when consumed. It is profitable for the farmers also as they can curb out the expensive transportation charges. Food from urban farms is more nutritious and the customers are willing to pay a decent amount to buy it. 
  2. Helps in economic growth and job availability – As an urban farm starts growing, they can buy multiple lands in the city to expand their business. It would become difficult for just one person to take care of all the things and would prefer hiring people or volunteers for the things to run smoothly. This would open up opportunities for people who do not have high educational qualifications but are well experienced in the field of farming. Urban farming can provide a steady source of income if you have the skills and heart to put into it which would eventually help the community as well as the economy of the region to reach soaring heights.
  3. Less wastage of food – Fruits and vegetables in the supermarket reach there by traveling for several days in huge amounts and they go bad before they would even sell out. Sometimes, after the customer bought the food but could not consume it also results in wastage of food but that’s not the case with urban farming. People only harvest food only a few days in advance before they are going to consume it without letting any food go bad. People know where the food is coming from and provides them a sense of satisfaction.
  4. No chunky amount of investment required – If you plan to buy a conventional farm, it can cost you thousands of bucks or even a small farm including other expenses adding up. This could be hard and financially draining if you are just a beginner and not stable enough. Urban farming can be the solution to this. Urban farms take up much less space and set up costs are drastically low as compared to the traditional farming expenses.
  5. Water conservation – Urban farming saves a lot more water as compared to any other farming methods. Urban farms use irrigation systems on timers and hydroponic systems which reduces the loss of water by 2\3rd than a conventional farm. They are designated around buildings which promote rainwater harvesting. 

If you’re ever wanted to start farming but cannot see yourself moving from the city, urban farming is your answer and it is much more beneficial and healthier to pursue.

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